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We are an aerospace start-up located in Connecticut, USA. We are on a mission: to sell or lease a patent for a system that will extend the range of general aviation electric aircraft. Sustainable, green technology is beginning to change the aerospace industry right now. See the News tab on this website. Our Energy Cell Regenerative System for Electrically Powered Aircraft will enhance an aerospace company’s market power, not only if they have an electric aircraft in the pipeline, but also to add a disruptive intellectual property asset to their portfolio. (You can be on the cutting edge, or you can be the edge). It can even make electric aircraft more amenable to the FAA because the system can be used for redundancy — a rescue device.

And please note — there are only two ways known to extend the range of an electric aircraft — photo -voltaic cells upon the wings, and/or changing the angle of attack of the propeller so that it turns the field of the motor into a generator and sends some energy back into the battery pack, during glide or descent. Our invention has nothing in common with those systems.

So come on in and learn more about electric aircraft, what regenerative systems are all about, and our company.  We are more than 85% finished with our prototype (a non-flying Cessna).  The Prototype Progress page is protected.  Accessible only to our crowd funding community, or by permission.  Thank you for your interest –Our patent was assigned to our inventor Dale Walter-Robinson on May 9, 2017.  There

The  “Future Present!”  

Now that the Eviation industry is gaining altitude around the world, it is good to remind anyone representing said industry that our company or any of its assets individually are for sale; the LLC; our Regenerative System and U.S. Patent; and our ElectronAir trademark .Think about it:  the FAA will require redundancy or a rescue system for licensing aircraft, and they are approaching that day; what will the industry be called?  An Israeli Company leads the way,: Eviation Tech LLC, and their medium range 9 passenger  “corporate jet” — Alice.  (Electric-Aviation; Environmentally conscious Aviation).  Attention nascent aerospace firms — What better name for your electric airline company than ElectronAir?

The ElectronAir LLC Team

ELECTRONAIR ® Registered US Patent Office 87292831


ElectronAir is proud to announce that we have been chosen by the Solar Impulse Foundation as a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions:  https://solarimpulse.com/companies/electronair-llc-1