ElectronAir LLC ‘Company Car’

Between 1999 and 2015 Dale designed and hand-built an electric car, probably one of the best handling of its type in the world.  How can we say that?  First, it is a lightweight carbon and aluminum body and tub fused to a 1988 Lotus Esprit backbone chassis.  (Including the steering, front suspension, rear suspension, inboard brakes, and five speed Lotus/Maserati transaxle).  The roll center we estimate is about three feet below the pavement.  Dale, an SCCA ranked autocrosser, took a hairpin curve so hard he injured his neck!

Here are some photos and the EV specifications.  Dale designed the body around a 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder fiberglass front clip, over which he formed the aluminum and carbon body and tub.  He widened the body 14 inches to fit properly over the Lotus chassis.  The 96 inch wheelbase remained the same.  Everything else has an aircraft theme; all gauges, riveting, even the shifter is from a Cessna.  We bring the car to EAA events here in Connecticut.

e-spyder-three-quarters-complete                 dale-designing-e-spyder-monocoquee-spyder-by-pond-merged-image e-spyder-beside-2012-tesla-model-s electric-spyder-panel-with-cover-sketch e-spyder-june-14 e-spyder-by-pond-merged-image e-spyder-right-side-man-photographing-right-side-small-file e-spyder-l-rear-qtr-door-open-small-file e-spyder-rear


Lotus Chassis/Custom Body

96 Volt DC /  8 AGM 120 AH batteries

Advanced DC brushed series wound motor

EvNetics Solitron Jr. Liquid Cooled Controller

Kelly DC/DC coverter

Kelly on board charger

Aircraft instruments

Components;   cut down ’57 Chevy windshield, Mercedes headlights, Cobra mirrors, Summit Racing

Rear Spoiler