Crowd Funding Campaign Soars!


          Dale and Jill applaud all who contributed to our Crowd Sourcing Campaign!  The final phase of our prototype and patent process is officially capitalized– our campaign, the DVD mailer sent to 50 friends, has been effective enough to carry on. So far, we have received over 60 percent of our campaign goal, from a total of 18 people. We are so grateful!  That number may go up if more folks decide to invest, and if Dale can fix and sell the motorcycle his brother John donated to the company.   Even still, we will be putting more of our own resources into the project–we’ll keep the Crowd Funding going until January 1, 2017.  (Want more info?  Please use contact form to request the DVD mailer).

          In the patent game, he who hesitates makes no money, so we have ordered two important components for the plane.  See the Prototype Progress page.

          Our Goal?  USPTO Patent Exam by end of 2016,  and successful patent protection for the “Energy Cell Regenerative System for Electrically Powered Aircraft” issued in Spring, 2017.  We filed the patent in June, 2015, with a priority date (initital filing) of June 20, 2014.

          Also in the Spring, our functioning and regenerating Cessna 152 (pictured above), in DC motor/lithium battery configuration.  We aim to prove that running the motor and propeller, thus depleting the battery pack will take “x” minutes, but when you activate the regenerative system, the duration of the energy in the pack will be x+y minutes.

          Our success and therefore the value of the whole project will be measured by that “y”–how much longer will the batteries last with the regenerative system running?

Then, it’s off to a Merger’s and Acquisitions broker to explore the aerospace market.

So, please leave your seat belts fastened.  We’d like to thank the following people for coming aboard–

Bea and Charles Perry, Mary Jon Edwards, Janie Davison, Patricia Ganey, O’Neill Industrial Corp, Lori Robinson, Brian Robinson, Dylan, Ethan and Emily More, Clint Fisher, Carolyn Andrews, Jay Walter, Sandy and Fred Raucci, Erin Crotty Phipps, Kenneth D. Appleton, Barbara Nugent, Melissa and Patty MacKenzie, John Robinson, Marie Petersen

  and thank you Nancy Flowers-Mangs of  for making this website possible…