Lithium Titanate Batteries Aren’t The Ones


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Our 28volt 10ah litanate battery module for testing

This year, 2016, Toshiba has made more public their SCiB Li4Ti5012 Fast Charge batteries — I’ve known about them for a few years, and based my battery algorithm on their advertised characteristics.  Now they are ‘out’, but hard to acquire.  I’ve contacted the company to build a relationship and purchase a module for our prototype.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE 2017:  We built a Lithium Titanate Battery pack and were disappointed in the results.  Yes, they charge fast, but it took 60 amps to do it!  There was too much internal resistance, and we question the accuracy of their published data. We sold the module and it is propelling an electric bike in California.

Kokum pouch lithium ion polymer cells give acceptable performance with our regen system.


More Info:

SCiB products also offer minimal capacity degradation, even after 10,000 or more charge-discharge cycles. This operational life often exceeds that of the applications in which they are used, thus eliminating the need for battery replacement and reducing the environmental impact of waste batteries. Features:

  1. Made with Lithium Titanate, Providing Exceptionally Long Life
  2. Provides Up to a 100% Usable Range of SOC without Compromising Cycle Life, Allowing for More Use of Rated Capacity
  3. High Output Performance Equivalent to Ultra-Capacitors, Ensuring Sufficient Power Output for High Power Application Needs
  4. Superb Performance Even at Temperatures as Low as -30°C, Providing Excellent Application Performance in Extreme Environmental Conditions
  5. Produced on State-of-the-Art Automated High Volume Production Line, Ensuring the Highest Quality & Stable Supply


SCiB™ 2P12S Module Specifications
Nominal Voltage 27.6 V (18 to 32.4 V)
Nominal Capacity 40 Ah (0.2 C)
Size 187 W x 359 D x 123 H (mm)
Weight Approximately 14 kg
Functions Voltage/Temperature Sensor, CAN Communication to BMU
SCiB™ 20 Ah Cell Specifications
Nominal Voltage 2.3 V (1.5 to 2.7 V)
Nominal Capacity 20 Ah (0.2 C)
Energy Density 177 Wh/L
Size 115 W x 22 D x 103 H (mm) Excluding Terminals
Weight Approximately 510 g