Why Electric Aircraft?

The benefits of electric aircraft and our regenerative system:

Benefits of Electric Aircraft:

The Wright Brothers created the aviation industry, but aircraft, like automobiles, have harmed the environment — with both carbon and noise pollution, since 1903.  Electric aircraft, like electric automobiles will be an answer.  In 2014, there are no FAA certified electric aircraft.  The problem–range, directly related to battery capacity.

The benefits, the ‘pros’ of electric aircraft are many:  

  • The much quieter motor can be designed with a low RPM propeller provide quiet flying for pilots.  No need for headsets. Flying an electric airplane is closer to pure flight than IC. Quiet, more enjoyable for pilots.
  • Sixty percent noise reduction= Improved neighbor relations. Possible new airports due to quiet operation.  Quiet for airport neighborhoods.
  • No carbon emissions, waste oil, fuel spills, soot or grease. Clean and green.
  • Sturdy electric motor can last 20,000 hours before overhaul. No engine maintenance; no disassembly to clean out carbon, no top overhauls, no carburetor adjustments, no expensive major overhauls. Cheaper to maintain.
  • In the hanger, just plug charger into any 110 outlet to “refuel” at a 1/2 of the cost of Av- Gas.  Easily and quickly removable battery packs. 50 percent better fuel economy.
  •  Existing fleet can be retrofit to put used aircraft back in the air. Retrofitting–Huge profits, new jobs.
  • An alternative trainer to attract young student pilots — already predisposed to green technology. More pilots means a healthier, more profitable aircraft industry, up and down the chain. Younger generation expects e-planes now.
  • Easier to design and build than IC plane. Fewer parts and sub-systems. Cheaper to build.
  • Building an electric aircraft fleet can help reduce U.S. reliance on imported petroleum and increase energy security. Adds to U.S. energy independence.
  • Increased performance — more torque = more fun to fly. Sportier.

ElectronAir Regen System helps eliminate the ‘cons’ of electric flight:

  • Increases the electric aircraft’s range potentially 50 percent–more redundancy, less ‘range anxiety’. Like making fuel while you fly.
  • Our system makes the aircraft’s design protean (flexible).  You can engineer the airframe at a higher weight for more load capacity, or at a lighter weight for more distance.   To fly further today you need more powerful motors and larger battery packs, which use more energy directly, especially at acceleration, takeoff, and climb.
  • Is simple, to minimize errors in operation Less complex to fly.
  • It is lightweight — 21lbs for fan, PMG, bracket MPPT controller, buses and wiring.
  • Is inexpensive to manufacture. ($1,500 retail).  E-aircraft can still be profitable, and move into the ‘general aviation’ category.